Trusts & Estate Planning

How We Can Help

We help create your Wills, Trusts and and comprehensive Estate Planning solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our dedicated team is here to support you in developing personalized Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, and robust Estate Plans.

You're Unique, So Your Plan Should Be Too.

We listen carefully to what you need.  We work closely with you to create a strategy that effectively protects your assets and ensures the future well-being of your family.  With our guidance, we can help you develop and maintain family privacy and fulfillment of your your wishes.

Protecting Your Family And Your Future


What can our team do for you?

Simply put, we develop a plan to cover everything you and your family will need during your life and beyond.

We develop personalized plans covering things like Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney to meet your individual needs and goals. We help develop the plan to best protects your assets and your family’s future; while maintaining family privacy and keeping control of your wishes.

What is a will?

I like to say a will is a "Dear Judge Letter," that needs to be "probated." Probate is the court process to determine whether the will is real, pays off debts, and figures out who gets your stuff.  This process often adds additional stress, time, and money when you're already dealing with the loss of a loved one.

What is a Trust?

I hear clients ask “Why do I Need a Trust” every day.  People often ask, "Why do I need a Trust?" Well, each person's needs are different. A Trust holds your money or property in a special way. It helps you avoid probate and keeps your plans private. It's a strong tool to help you and your family.

A Revocable Living Trust is usually known as a way to avoid probate, but it is also a powerful tool to keep your Estate Plan a Private Family Matter and to protect you, your family and your assets during life and its challenges now and in the future.

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Effective Trusts & Estate Planning Services

A trust may offer you a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Avoiding Probate
  • Protecting Adult Children from their Potential Mistakes
  • Minimizing or Avoiding Tax Consequences
  • Keeping Financial Information Private
  • Setting Money Aside for Your Children and Grand Children
  • Setting Aside Money for Potential Disability or Long-Term Care
  • Assisting with Supplemental Needs or Special Needs
  • Obtaining Medicaid for yourself or a loved one

Types Of Trusts

  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Living Trust
  • Joint Trust
  • Spendthrift Trust
  • Irrevocable Trust
  • Medicaid Trust
  • Land Trust
  • Testamentary Trust

Are Estate Plans Necessary For Everybody?

“Leave A Legacy, Not A Mess”

Emerald Publications – September, 2007