Pop Quiz for August

Our Estate Plan and Probate Pop Quiz

August means back to school! Today, instead of math or history, it’s all about planning for the future – estate planning to be exact! See if you can pass our Estate Plan and Probate Pop Quiz.

Question 1: True or False?

Do you have to appoint the same person for handling both your financial and your health choices if you are unable to?

Answer: False!

Absolutely not! You can pick different people who excel in different areas. Think of your friend who’s a CPA or financial wizard and your daughter who knows their way around a stethoscope.

Many folks think that the person who looks after your children must be the same person who handles their inheritance. But that’s a myth! You can pick a loving, caring guardian for your children and choose someone else entirely to manage the money side of things. 

Let’s say your own kids aren’t quite cut out for the task of running your estate, maybe they’re not the organizing type or they’re too much of a perfectionist. In that case, it might be best to bring in a professional to take on the role. Not only could this save your assets, but it could also keep the family peace. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

To read the rest of the questions and see how well you answer, read the article I wrote this month!

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