Asset Protection

How We Can Help

Our office offers a variety of Asset Protection Plans for our clients. Whether you want to protect your many assets from potential creditors or whether you are concerned about having enough funds to provide for you as you age – we can help put together a personalized and comfortable plan for yourself and your family.

Protecting Your Family And Your Future


Is a Long-Term Care Asset Protection Plan Right for Me?

Do you have concerns about:

  • Protecting current assets from potential creditors,
  • Providing for an easy distribution of your assets following your passing,
  • Running out of money if you (or your spouse) become ill and require care,
  • Having no control over who provides care for you if you need it,
  • Leaving an inheritance to your loved ones, only to have it taken by their creditors,
  • Your children misusing the property or money you leave to them,
  • Providing support to a loved one with a disability both during your lifetime and after your passing,
  • Making sure your wishes about care and your finances are carried out.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help. A long-term care asset protection plan is not a one-size-fits-all set of documents. Each plan is designed based on your concerns, your desires, and your goals.

“Leave A Legacy, Not A Mess”

Emerald Publications – September, 2007