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If you have lost a loved one, we understand how difficult this time is for you. If you are like most people, you don’t know what to do next.

You need a trusted Florida Probate Lawyer to assist you in dealing with this overwhelming time in your life.

We are dedicated to treat each client as an individual, with the respect deserved in this difficult time.  The Florida Probate Process can be overwhelming; we are here to untangle the process and make a difficult time a bit easier for you.

Guiding You During This Difficult Time

What Steps Do I Take When A Loved One Dies?

After contacting a funeral home, someone should take possession of the credit cards, driver’s license, bills, bank account statements and mail. Other suggestions include, gathering tax returns and insurance policies. You should contact Andrea and her staff to help you with these trying tasks and to take some of the stress from your shoulders at this difficult time.

In Florida, whenever someone passes away, that person’s property (house, car, bank accounts, jewelry, etc..) immediately becomes property of that person’s “estate.” It does not matter if the person is very wealthy or not: when anyone dies in Florida, automatically, a legal estate is created.


Please view and download our printable guide on steps to take when a loved one passes away:

Florida Probate Administration - Frequently Asked Questions

If you're dealing with the loss of a loved one, we know you have questions during this difficult time. Some of the most common questions we get from clients are listed below. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys for help with your specific situation, click the button below.

What Our Clients Say


Professional. Compassionate. Attentive. - 100% Recommend
Andrea is a dream come true. When my father passed away, I went to the original attorney who set up his will. He took my dad's will to the courts, started the process, then ghosted me. Only responding to emails with one-off sentences like "I've been totally f**ked this week. Will get back to you." I was desperate for help, and had no guidance. And without proper court approvals, I had no access to any of my dad's accounts to start working through his affairs. Through reviews, I found Andrea. She is incredible. I told her what was happening with this other attorney and she squeezed me in as an emergency case. Immediately I could tell she was warm, compassionate, and would not lead me astray. I fired the original attorney and Andrea got straight to work. Things I were told would take "weeks at best," Andrea had done in a matter of days. She seamlessly helped me navigate through the creditor process and closing out my father's estate was easier than I could have imagined. I hope everyone going through the probate process has an attorney as caring as Andrea by their side. No need to look further for an attorney. 10/10 would recommend - and have recommended to several family and friends.
Complicated made easier
I retained Andrea to handle the probate process for my father's estate. What should have been simple was complicated by the fact that my brothers and I could not find an original of Dad's last will, and that we were all in agreement that terms of the will needed to be countermanded to re-instate the intent of Dad's original will which was to divide the value of his assets equally among all four of his heirs. Being totally knowledgeable about Florida's probate statutes, Andrea guided us through a process that validated a copy of Dad's last will as equal to its original, and provided the court with evidence that all four heirs were in agreement about how the estate's assets should be divided. She worked directly with the court's staff to explain what the provisions of our petitions were, and was able to obtain the court's approval for the petitions. Andrea demonstrated thorough knowledge of Florida's estate laws and expertly guided my efforts to complete the probate process (in an expeditious manner I might add). She is very personable and treated my brothers, my wife, and me with care and respect. I have a great deal of respect for her and the way she approaches legal tasks set before her. I additionally appreciate the way she views her clients as more than clients, but foremost as fellow human beings who need her help navigating Florida's legal system.
I needed to compose my last will and testament and I tried using those 'do it yourself' programs. At the end, I only managed to get frustrated and confused so I decided to look online for a lawyer and found Andrea. Her ratings were good, and I decided to hire her. What a great find! Andrea had just about every kind of diploma on her wall and she was very personable. I explained my situation and she was able to dispel all my confusions. Not only did she put together my will, she also put together a living trust for me, effectively avoiding probate. It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her: she is extremely well prepared and a very nice person as well.
Wills and Probate
Exceptional! That is just one of the words to describe Andrea and her staff. Professional, caring and your also treated with respect and as family. Crosses every “t” and dots every “I”. So these is no chance of any problems. I call many great attorneys “friend”. But, Andrea and her staff are the ones I trust to do our legal work. Also extremely reasonable and she will work with you on every situation.

“Where There’s A Will… There Are 500 Relatives”

Charles De Gaulle

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