Its Medicare Advantage Season

Tis’ the season for Medicare enrollment!  You are probably swimming in commercials starring your favorite actors trying to sway your choices. 

I just read a great article from this week’s New York Times, written by Mark Miller, November 13, 2020 which discusses the fall enrollment season. You can read the article here:  NYT Article

Miller states: “All of it focuses on the fall open enrollment season, the annual opportunity to change coverage. From Oct. 15 until Dec. 7, enrollees can shop Medicare’s marketplace for the prescription drug and Advantage plans offered by commercial insurance companies. They can also switch between fee-for-service original Medicare and Advantage.

And they will have plenty of choices: Next year, the typical Medicare enrollee will be able to choose from 57 Medicare prescription or Advantage plans that include drug coverage, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.”

I find that this season is difficult enough, and this year is even harder to deal with…. what if you had to choose between 57 different plans. What do you think?

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