Make Your New Year’s Resolution Early…

Make Your New Year’s Resolution Early…  schedule time to complete or review your current estate plan!

Many people enjoy creating New Year’s Resolutions so they can start fresh with enthusiasm and motivation to check off the to-do lists that seem to never stop growing.  It will be spring before we know it and another year will pass without accomplishing the promises you made to yourself.

An “Estate Plan” contrary to popular belief, is not necessarily for those with mega millions.  Anyone from an Uber driver to the Uber wealthy need to make sure those they love are able to access needed information if you are temporarily or permanently incapacitated or have passed.

For many years I have been providing my clients with a list to help organize their assets.  My list grows every year and many of you haven’t given much thought as to what your “assets” really are!

Besides a checking and savings account, the home you live in (and the stuff in your home) are assets.  Retirement accounts and a business if you own one must be taken into account.  What has changed since you last looked?  If you haven’t met with me (or another Estate Planning Attorney) recently,  your list needs to be tweaked to keep up with new assets to make sure they align with your previous plan.

Do you have a website?  Email addresses?  Crypto-currency?


You can start small and set up an appointment to discuss or review your estate plan.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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