Protecting Yourself Today amid Covid-19 scams and scares!

Scams to Watch out For during this Crisis!

Computer Virus Scam
A malicious website pretending to be a live map by Johns Hopkins University is circulating on the internet waiting for users to visit the website (Corona-Virus-Map. com). Clicking on this will infect your computer with a virus that steals your information, attaching to everything you do on that computer. Use caution when searching or accessing information to ensure you are not being victimized and only reference the reliable websites listed below, including the correct link to the Hopkins site.

Email Phishing (Fake Emails that Look Authentic)
Beware of email phishing scams regarding COVID-19 information either claiming to be from the CDC or other government websites requesting that you click on a link for further information. This may be a way of either downloading malware onto your computer or requesting personal information. DO NOT open attachments in emails from unknown sources. Some emails may appear to be from a trusted friend or associate. Verify the sender’s true identity by looking closely at the sender’s email address. Scam artists usually try to emulate a trusted email address and change one letter, number, or an .org to .com. It could also be a totally different address.

Fake Cures and Counterfeit Products

 Silver solution products also known as “Colloidal Silver” do not have any FDA approval and may even cause harm and may be dangerous to your health.   Counterfeit products and fake cures are being sold online and in stores. Such products can be benign in nature and may contain harmful ingredients. Purchase products from reputable online sellers or local retail establishments and check the packaging carefully.

Fake CDC Representatives

There have been reports of unknown individuals knocking on doors posing as CDC representatives, attempting to gain access to residences. The CDC will not approach the public in this manner.

Legitimate Online Information to Bookmark

 It is incumbent that we all find accurate information about COVID-19, which is why I ask you to bookmark the following sites in your online browser to reference going forward:

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins University
Center for Disease Control COVID-19
COVID-19 Florida Department of Health
Defending Against COVID-19 Cyber Scams



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