How Will You Know if Your College- Aged Child is Hurt? HIPAA Laws May Mean You Won’t.

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A Little Peace of Mind Goes a Long Way.

You’ve tried to prepare them in every way you can for college, but how can you make sure your children will be protected when you’re not around? Are they prepared for a medical emergency? It’s hard to believe, but privacy laws can prevent doctors from discussing your child’s condition in the event of a medical situation. Doctors and hospitals will not speak to you about your 18-year-old student without a HIPAA release. There are companies such as Docubank that can help you keep your child safe.

Protecting Students & Alerting Parents.

Most college students want their parents help in a medical emergency. With the DocuBank “ICE” (In-Case of Emergency) Card, your child’s HIPAA release can be accessed instantly with hospital personnel. Parents names and phone numbers appear right on the I.C.E. card. So that family can be contacted right away. You will also get an email alert with the hospital’s phone number once it has been used so you can get in touch immediately with the hospital.

Getting Answers, Not the Silent Treatment.

The I.C.E. card tells medical personnel how to obtain the student’s HIPAA release (or other healthcare directives) on file with DocuBank. With this release, the hospital is free to share information about the student’s condition when parents call – without fear of violating the federal healthcare privacy law (HIPAA).

In addition, with the I.C.E. card, the hospital sees a student’s allergies and important medical conditions right on the card – so that medical professionals can provide the most appropriate treatment immediately.

The ICE Card gives immediate access to the HIPAA Release, Parent’s Emergency Contact information, Health Care Directives, Allergies, Medical conditions and more.

You can use the online SAFE to securely store and share bank account or credit card statements, passwords, releases, report cards and consent forms. Scan once and always available.

Our firm’s College Protection Plan will provide the entire package of necessary documents and help keep your family safe no matter where they are. Contact me for an appointment today!


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