Blended Families

Remember The Brady Bunch? The “Blended” family dynamic has become the new normal, but very different than the Brady Bunch Family of 1970’s TV.

Today many families are “blended” and have stepchildren that aren’t legally adopted but are considered “their” children, nonetheless.  As a second marriage lasts for many years, quite often, the spouses decide to leave everything to the surviving spouse instead of planning for their own children.

Imagine that Mike Brady, in today’s world, sits at his desk to draft a will from an online resource. He wants to save some money, so the price looks reasonable. He leaves everything to his lovely wife, Carol, “knowing” she will take care of his children. Later that year, Mike passes away. The following are potential problems Mike created by not hiring an experienced attorney and using an online “form.”

Read my recent article in Our City Magazines HERE for the potential problems Mike created for Carol and the kids!

Our takeaway: don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish in creating your lasting legacies.

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