Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, and Probate with A Personalized Approach

The team at Andrea L. Jakob, PA serves Davie and surrounding communities with estate planning, probate, trusts, and more. Let us help you craft your plan and leave a legacy.



Simplified Estate Planning: spend more time living and less of your life worrying.

Andrea Jakob understands that organization and planning are key. Her professional and caring team will make sure you and your family are ready to handle the uncertainty of life and help your family find comfort in the most uncertain times.

Our unique law firm experience is a proven process you will be 100% thrilled with.

We have streamlined the process so you can spend less time at your lawyer's office and more time living.


Estate Planning, Wills And Trusts with A Personalized Approach

Welcome to my firm, providing professional and stress-free services in Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Probate, Elder Law, Asset Protection, and more.

I am here to help you solve your immediate concerns, while always keeping your long-term goals in focus. With a commitment to guiding you through life's critical decisions, I am devoted to providing the necessary assistance.

You and I have the same objectives such as:

  • to secure your hard-earned life savings and resources,
  • to protect and transfer your assets,
  • to maintain family harmony,
  • to safeguard and support your children and future generations.

My team and I prioritize your peace of mind and aim to build lasting relationships based on trust and exceptional service. Allow us to assist you in navigating the complexities of estate planning and provide the guidance you need for a secure future.

Serving South Florida With Estate Planning, Probate & Trusts

When someone thinks about "Estate Planning", often the first thing that comes to mind is creating a Will. While we do offer that service, we can help you with a full range of services designed to ensure your loved ones are protected.

Schedule your consultation today to talk more about your:


Last Will and Testament

Pour-Over Will

Revocable Living Trust

Health Care Advanced Directives

Living Will

Designation of Health Care Surrogate

Durable Power of Attorney

Asset Protection

Business Succession Planning

Probate Avoidance Strategies

Long Term Care Planning and Irrevocable Trusts

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When You Care, It Shows

Andrea's assistance in developing and executing an estate plan for my sister and brother in law was excellent. She was very thorough, professional and compassionate. After the passing of my brother in law, Andrea was terrific in assisting us with our open questions in finalizing his estate.

John Scarpati

Exceptional! That is just one of the words to describe Andrea and her staff.Professional, caring and your also treated with respect and as family. Crosses every “t” and dots every “I”. So these is no chance of any problems.I call many great attorneys “friend”. But, Andrea and her staff are the ones I trust to do our legal work.Also extremely reasonable and she will work with you on every situation.

Dave Malnick

Andrea and her team were outstanding in both drawing up our paperwork, and helping us to better understand the process of funding our trust. I would highly recommend!

Brian Inzinna